The last quarter has proven to be outstanding at TechStream Group as our business units across the globe continue to climb the ladder of success.

We’re going from strength-to-strength and it’s all thanks to the contribution of each Streamer in our seven locations world-wide. We’ve achieved the largest growth during the recent quarter in our Group’s history, with significant increases in both our Permanent and Flexible Resource solution offerings, each producing record results.

Several of our business units have recorded major milestones as they achieved their best quarter in their trading history, from Spain to United Kingdom, Singapore and the United States. Our offices in Germany and Middle East & Africa have
outperformed their previous quarters as they continue to achieve new heights as we grow into the first-choice talent solution provider for our clients and industry.

The office collaboration taking place across the Globe has shown our strength in working as a team to achieve a higher set of results and much more harmony across our brands. There is a lot of projects taking place behind the scenes and we’re looking forward to changing the face of the global recruitment and talent-solutions industry.

We’d like to congratulate every Streamer around the Globe as they continue to drive our talent solutions across the recruitment sector.

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