By Caylee van Wyk

Armed with our personalised team shirts, old takkies and proper South African gees, the orange flare was lit, and we were off to complete our first TechStream Tough Mudder 8km obstacle course.

This race taught us a lot about resilience and to enjoy the journey along the way. With carves burning while walking up vertical hills, you could still lift your head up and appreciate the view that the mountains of Elgin has to offer.

We were pleasantly surprised by the comradery from all partaking. Everyone was there to help and support each other along the way. Complete strangers helping each other, because although it was tough, everyone was in it together. The spirit of Ubuntu was alive and well. Teamwork played a huge part of the course and no one would have been able to reach the finish line alone. 

Tough Mudder was never a race, but a challenge. We were challenged, we grew closer as team and one thing we cannot fail to mention, we laughed!As our business aims for a strong finish in 2019 this weekend was a great reminder of the beautiful country we work in, people we get to work with, what we can achieve as a team and just how much fun we can have when working towards the same goals. Thank you Tough Mudder, we will be back. 

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