First Quarter At Cyberstream

My first Quarter at CyberStream Global


My first Quarter at CyberStream Global

Posted-on August 2019

By Tamarine Wakefield

A career move is never an easy decision.

But in my case, it was not only a career change but a full 360 life-changing transformation.

A new city, new home, new company and entirely different niche.

Freight-Operations recruitment was my “bread and butter”, I had gained a solid client base, an extensive candidate talent pool and started servicing several clients within my sector successfully. Then deciding to switch it up and start as a Cybersecurity recruitment consultant with a new Start-up even though I had no experience within Cyber, I had no clue what it was.

Crazy right?

Well as absurd as it may seem, I have been at Cyberstream Global for 3 months, and I may not have a wealth of knowledge in terms of technicalities and terminologies of the niche itself but that’s exactly what excites me, I get to learn something new every single day. I am more often then not gobsmacked at how fascinating the Cyber world is and what these skilled individuals are capable of! *Also slightly scared to use my laptop without covering my webcam*

Imagine having the knowledge and capability to hack into a company’s database or an app like Facebook , or working with security tools and preventative measures where you monitor hackers that get in your companies database but aren’t even in the actual system they are playing around in a “fairy world” where the changes they think they are making aren’t even happening…its insane!!

In all fairness Cybersecurity recruitment is not for the faint hearted, it is hands down a difficult niche (a very testing one at that) where you need to think on your toes, have patience and be willing to go above and beyond to attain the results you want, but that’s what makes anything rewarding is when you master the things you never thought were possible.

I am proud of each small accomplishment I have attained in the past 3 months; each little step is making the biggest difference daily for me.

From celebrating my first interview with a candidate (where I actually understand their terminology and various security tools), to being successful in business development calls and bringing on two large consulting firms, to my proudest achievement yet which was Marketing a phenomenal individual to a few select clients and potentially placing him at one of the firms…

It’s not about hitting large figures, ringing bells or making commission within my first quarter, but rather small milestones that are forming the foundation for a solid path in Cybersecurity Managed Services Recruitment, a sub-niche that I have gravitated towards and am passionate about. The small milestones are the building blocks to something truly amazing and I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2019 and 2020 brings.

Motto of the story – Take Risks, have Fun, Get a bit stressed, Enjoy the accomplishments but don’t give up!

It’s all been worth it, so here is to many more Quarters of Learning, Listening, Assisting and making Cyber Placements across the MEA region.

 “adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win”