Development & Architecture

With the emergence of disruptive technologies and their influence on how customers are engaged, it is important to stay current, agile and stable with the rapidly changing state of your industry.

Enterprises must take advantage of emerging technology platforms such as social media, mobile technologies, big data analytics and cloud in order to drive business & performance.

TechStream’s Solutions practice focus is on ensuring that our customers achieve these goals. Transforming your infrastructure for the digital era needs a seamless, intuitive and personalized experiences whilst implementing innovative products and services that will deliver true value. This digital era is driving companies to transform & innovate or, run the risk of becoming obsolete.

TechStream will help you prepare for the digital era, with infrastructure services that are transforming the face of enterprises. We can help your business maximise the potential of automation and a software defined data centre (SDDC), by delivering services through a business-aligned model.

Development & Architecture Team

Stuart Holman

Managing Partner - UK & Europe

Michael Petrie

Chief Commercial Officer