Adam Marsh

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Husband, father and serial entrepreneur.

I am fortunate to have found my three greatest passions in life.

Although balancing them all daily can be a challenge, especially considering the hectic workload and travel schedule which can average around 75 flights and 15 countries a year.  As a family we opted to reside in Southern Spain, where the children could become truly bilingual and we could all take advantage of the down time and follow some truly great outdoor pursuits such as horse riding, paddle tennis and sailing.

Having been involved in the talent sector since I graduated from university some 19 years ago, I’ve had the privilege of building some truly amazing staffing businesses and working with some of the best minds in the industry.

For me the formula is very simple, work with the best talent, provide the best talent and deliver the quality of service you would want delivered to yourself. Which is exactly what we have set out to achieve across the TechStream Group.

Having worked with all the board members and many of our senior leaders previously meant there was an immediate bond and synergy cross the entire business in all our locations, two critical ingredients for a successful start-up.

Achieving such a senior balance creates a very strong foundation across all the brands within the group, and knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses really allows you to have confidence in those around you to take ownership and drive forward with the desire and passion needed.

Our board prides itself on being hands on in every aspect of the business, we roll ourselves up support our consultants, directors and clients on a variety of different projects. Leading by example is a core belief we practice at every level.

As we design, innovate and implement our strategy, I can’t help but get excited about what the future holds for TechStream We are entering an exciting new era and determined to disrupt the traditional staffing models.

Adam Marsh

Chief Executive Officer

Husband, father and serial entrepreneur. I...

Michael Petrie

Position: Chief Commercial Officer

I knew when we brought together TechStream Group’s board of directors that we would be designing & building a truly unique business and one that would hopefully disrupt and transform classical recruitment models across some very exciting engineering and technology markets.

Having worked with all the board members previously meant there was an immediate bond and synergy, two critical ingredients for a successful start-up.

Achieving such a senior balance creates a very strong foundation for the company, and knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses really allows you to have confidence in those around you to take ownership and drive forward with the desire and passion needed.

My role as the CCO is highly diverse, challenging and varied; this combination means every day is different and exciting.

At the strategic level; designing the overriding vision & goals for the business; at the functional level developing our directors & consultants; at the commercial level winning and developing global projects and at the operational level setting budgets across the group.

It is the process of transforming this vision into reality and watching it being delivered to our clients where I feel the greatest sense of achievement and satisfaction. Nothing brings a smile to my face more than receiving a reference about the quality of work one of our consultants have undertaken and delivered.

Myself and the team have recently been designing a service proposition to support and promote “the business of inclusion & diversity”. It is critical that we have a truly inclusive business and one that champions gender & ethnic diversity.

This service culminated in the strategic alliance between TechStream and “The Centre for Inclusive Leadership”, which I hope will begin to set the industry standards and form one of the core philosophy’s of TechStream.

Throughout my 20 years of recruitment experience, I have worked with a variety of international clients across many sectors.  The relationships I have built and fostered throughout these years are always built on trust, respect and delivery. This approach is the fundamental reason we can form such strong partnerships and bonds with our clients that have stood the test of time.

Michael Petrie

Chief Commercial Officer

I knew when we brought together...

Ian Nash

Position: Non-Executive Director

The majority of my 30+ years recruitment industry experience has been spent working in large international quoted recruitment companies; Spending over 13 years at Michael Page (11 as the Chief Financial Officer) and over 7 years as the CFO for Robert Walters.

During my time at Page, the Group grew substantially both in the UK and Internationally, following the success of Page, I was delighted to accept an opportunity to join Robert Walters as their Chief Financial Officer in 2001. Once through the tough economic environment of the early 2000s Robert Walters enjoyed a strong period of growth and international development. I left at the end of 2007 and now invest and consult with several businesses across the staffing sector.

In 2010 I met Paul Beeke, a charismatic recruitment entrepreneur, knowing of his background of creating, building and divesting successful recruitment businesses. We discussed the vision he had to build an international specialist recruitment business which he was going to call EarthStream. The business focus was to be the engineering & energy sectors, a market I was keen to be involved with.

Paul presented a long-term vision of a new multi brand group; The TechStream Group, we would address the real staffing issues created by the 4th industrial revolution and the new niche skills needed. I believe the global scale of the market sectors that TechStream have chosen are immense. The ever-increasing global population coupled with its insatiable demand for connected living, clean energy and assessment for data and security mean there is a constant need for the niche skills and innovation our brands can provide.

Ian Nash

Non-Executive Director

The majority of my 30+ years...

Paul Beeke

Position: Board Advisor

When asked to become the Board Advisor of The TechStream Group, the chance to work with Adam, Mike and many of the Managing Partners again was one I couldn’t pass up.

As a staffing entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience of building specialist technology recruiting companies, I helped design the Stream vision for the Group. My extensive experience of setting up & supporting new staffing business ventures in Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa will be critical across this global build.

My 25-year background has seen me build and scale a variety of staffing businesses, but always with innovation, and technology at the centre of the vision.

In 1993, I founded Techpartners International a specialist technology recruiting business with offices in Europe & US and this business was acquired by Harvey Nash PLC in 2000 and I stayed on in the business until the end of 2002 to manage their US operations. It was here I first worked with Adam & Mike.

In 2003, I founded James Harvard International with Adam as a specialist Life Sciences & Technology recruiting business with offices in Europe & Japan. This business was acquired by Hays PLC in 2007, where I stayed on until 2009 to oversee the roll out of that business across the Hays global office network.

In 2010, Adam and I formed EarthStream a specialist Engineering recruiting company focused on providing STEM skills to the energy & resources sector, and later in 2017 we joined forces with Mike Petrie’s Simply Executive business to form CloudStream Global.

In 2018 we will see the launch of The TechStream Group, this is a multi-brand talent solutions provider that will bring together these two very unique businesses into one combined group.

During these engagements I have also held several high profile Non-Executive Director positions with leading technology staffing companies such as Consol, ProClincial & Anteo Group.

Paul Beeke

Board Advisor

When asked to become the Board...

Gary Greyvenstein

Position: Chief Finance Officer

Contrasting to the majority of my TechStream board members and partners, who have 12+ years’ experience in the staffing sector, my introduction to this industry has been much more recent.

Having dedicated the first 15 years of my working life to the London banking industry with Lloyds Banking Group (HBOS Merger, Corporate Finance) and then The Royal Bank of Scotland (Non-core asset disposals), I was approached by our Executive Chairman, Paul Beeke, to head up the financial operations of the Group as CFO.

I’m pleased to say that Paul’s vision and innovative thoughts on the emerging markets inspired me to switch sectors and I have never looked back.

It had not occurred to me just how dynamic and fast-paced the staffing industry can be, especially when one considers how global our business presence is.

Looking ahead, I’m proud to form part of such a dynamic and driven, yet highly ethical team with bold and exciting aspirations for the future.

TechStream Group will give us access to multiple markets and the opportunity to work and support a real mix of businesses across a variety of countries.

Considering how technologies and industry are evolving at an ever-increasing pace, our multi- brand strategy bodes well for pre-empting standards and needs, while also ensuring the brands ongoing success.

Outside of the office I enjoy de-stressing in the gym or the great outdoors and am very much a proponent of the philosophy that a healthy body hosts a stronger mind, and with the ambitious growth strategy we have adopted I expect I’ll be needing both!

Gary Greyvenstein

Chief Finance Officer

Contrasting to the majority of my...

Miles Little

Position: Managing Partner - UK & Europe

I joined the CloudStream with over 30 years of technology experience, from engineering the early internet with companies such as Cisco Systems all the way to building out recent agile technology services companies. I’ve always been a pure technologist and was constantly motivated by the rapid change of technology development and connectivity in the 90s.

As the 4th industrial revolution emerges, and we begin to see the way classic business models can be disrupted by digital and analytics, I am filled with a new wave of excitement. This new revolution enables me to combine my passion for technology with the business experience gained from founding, building and running and selling technology services companies.

I took on the role as CSO (Chief Services Officer) for CloudStream as I knew I could help the business navigate these exciting but challenging digital waters. By designing, building and operating a new global professional services capability it would allow us to really blend the concept of technology and talent.

For years clients have been shouting out for really committed delivery partners, who can supply high quality technologists across the critical niche skills sets but without carrying the associated cost burden. I am positive our model can to do this whilst creating an average 30% cost saving.

Using our deep sector expertise and flexible engagement models I look to assist our customers as we all navigate the disruptive changes brought about by new patterns of consumption, production and employment.

These changes bring many opportunities as well as threats and it is my teams mission to help our customers maximise the opportunities and mitigate the threats. What an opportunity, what a challenge and what a time to be doing it!

Miles Little

Managing Partner - UK & Europe

I joined the CloudStream with over...

Brett Marsh

Position: Managing Partner - North America

Having over 15 years of global talent acquisition experience, I have been privileged to have lived and travelled international throughout my career. Originally residing in the UK and providing technology recruitment into financial markets, I subsequently spent 9 years living & recruiting cutting edge technologists across Asia.

As part of TechStream’s broader global growth strategy and globalization of our CyberStream brand this has seen me move to the US (via Cape Town) to spearhead our International practice in New York.

My passion in talent acquisition & technology is derived from striving for excellence in service delivery and adding value to our clients by the execution of strategic sourcing solutions. As a founding director of EarthStream and later CloudStream and most recently CyberStream I have helped define and nurture these shared values & beliefs within our company.

At the core of this is the conviction that to become a true partner to our clients, we must demonstrate an integrity that is based on complete transparency and belief in our ability to add strategic value.

Throughout my career I have had an affinity with technically challenging marketplaces where technical advances & evolutions can change the landscape of how you work. My work at CloudStream in machine learning & the cutting-edge technology we see developed in CyberStream’s clients allows me to continue to interact with the “best of breed” technologists in their given fields.

Outside of work I cultivate my curious & energetic nature by exploring new cultures and have a passion for travelling. I have been fortunate in my life to experience the working and social culture across multiple countries around the world and have experiences ranging from Caving in New Zealand, Elephant riding in Lao to hiking in Cape Town or Scuba Diving in the Barrier Reef.

Brett Marsh

Managing Partner - North America

Having over 15 years of global...

Andre Sola Habenicht

Position: Managing Partner – GSC

“Guten Tag! Wie gehts?” As you may notice I am the Managing Partner for TechStream’s German speaking countries. I was part of the EarthStream founding team and have since built successful office locations in Zurich, Munich and Hamburg.

I started my career many years ago with one of the big global recruitment companies; so when I was approached to join an innovative start up and build a German capability from the ground floor, I felt the opportunity was too great to pass.

One thing that really makes the difference are the people that you work with and for me that was critical in my decision to join, the values within the group are key to our success and I make sure these hold true in every aspect of the German build and this is reflective in the amazing people we now have in the team.

Besides of managing the operations and the business leaders I like to lead from the front and I engage regularly with my key clients to win & deliver executive searches. We combine technical & market knowledge with a good network and efficient search and identification methodology. In my career I only failed on one search and as of my knowledge this position is not filled until today.

My family lives with me in St. Gallen / Switzerland and I travel regularly between Zürich, Munich, Hamburg and the other European and global offices. If I am at home I spend the time with my two boys and I like to sail at lake Constance or to go hiking in the Appenzeller Alps.

Andre Sola Habenicht

Managing Partner – GSC

“Guten Tag! Wie gehts?” As you...

Andrew Dodd

Position: Managing Partner - APAC

Having worked with EarthStream for several years I was very excited when asked to enlarge my role and become Managing Partner for TechStream Group’s Asia Business.

Based in Singapore “SMART nation” we have become a melting-pot of cultures, full of youth, with an insatiable appetite for technology.

As a key global growth centre, the region never ceases to amaze me as it leads the world in connected living. When a driverless car is prototyped, Singapore will become an early adopter, when one country introduced facial recognition into immigration checkpoints, Singapore became the world’s first fully automated airport.

Working in such an innovative environment means we can partner with leading enterprises in technology and SMART-engineering, whilst working very closely with hot new start-ups that have just received series-A-funded to launch new products into the market. Our tech-mix of Digital, Big Data, Info & Cyber Security and Smart Energy & Cities, is perfectly positioned for this region.

I’ve been fortunate to work with various members of the Board and management team for over 7 years and have always been impressed by the professionalism, integrity and the innovative forward-thinking approach that is embedded in our business way of life. The team here in Singapore is truly multicultural, passionate and stand for everything the business is about. It’s always exciting to lead such a talented and committed group of professionals.

If you want to catch me at the weekends, it’s best to look at the golf-course, although as someone once told me “if we hit it perfect every day, everyone else would just quit!”.

Andrew Dodd

Managing Partner - APAC

Having worked with EarthStream for several...

Stuart Holman

Position: Managing Partner - UK & Europe

Having over 27 years of global experience in strategic growth & leadership roles for global recruitment and consulting companies; I have amassed a wealth of knowledge that I bring to our clients; always assuring talent solutions meet their technology demands and create genuine return on investment.

Having worked with all the board members on a previous technology recruitment venture, that was subsequently acquired by Harvey Nash Plc in 2000; it made logical sense to join the team again to build TechStream Group and drive forward the CloudStream operations into what we believe will be a market leader across the technology and advanced engineering market.

My years of experience has been varied and this variety gives me a unique set of skills; I spent several years with my wife and very young family (at the time) based in Boston, Massachusetts managing the US operations and overseeing the integration with Harvey Nash. Upon returning to the UK I invested in a software company that built a Basel II Credit Risk engine and was instrumental in selling this business to a leading Core Banking Vendor.

Over the last 8 years, I have focused on building talent solutions in the world of security & data and most recently how Robotics, AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain can help prevent intrusion, corruption and financial crime activities.

As a member of the Senior Management Team and working alongside the TechStream board my vision is to build our business into a market leading Talent & Technology Solutions provider, that is driven towards emerging technology and innovation.

Work-life balance is fundamental at CloudStream, so I make sure I spend quality time with my family and enjoy sailing and rugby. Unfortunately, I no longer play rugby, but I try to impart the wisdom my playing career gave me and qualified as a Level 2 coach and have now coached for 10 years including my 2 sons from 6 years to 16 years at my club, Hertford RFC.

Stuart Holman

Managing Partner - UK & Europe

Having over 27 years of global...

Ryan Forbes

Position: Managing Partner – MEA

As a Managing Partner within the TechStream Group and one of the groups founding team members I have been involved in building our business from the ground floor up.
Building a new business is challenging; it takes time, drive, commitment and there are many highs and lows along the way.

However, once you really start to see the success of what you’ve built the rewards are amazing.

Throughout our growth, I have kept our core vision and values central to everything we have done, and this is reflective in the amazing people we now have in the team.

Prior to building our business in Cape Town, I had spent over six years in the UK recruitment market focusing on hedge funds & asset management whilst developing my recruitment skills. London is one of the world’s recruitment capitals and was fundamental in gaining the knowledge needed to build a market leading practice here in South Africa.

I’ve now been back for over 6 years and loving every minute of it; I’ve worked on many projects across the MEA region that range from staffing up large greenfield mining operations in West Africa to delivering turnkey solutions to enterprise cloud application vendors. The variety of opportunity in such an emerging market is outstanding.

We have positioned ourselves at the cutting edge of the market and are working with some of the hottest technologies across some of the best businesses in what I can only describe as true partnerships.

Building a business like ours can take its toll, not least on the amount of personal time you have, and that’s why you must take every opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labour. I am very fortunate to have married a beautiful wife and we have a new beautiful son which takes up most of our free time. But if there is a morning going spare then you’ll see me on my paddle board heading up the west coast.

Ryan Forbes

Managing Partner – MEA

As a Managing Partner within the...

Traolach McCabe

Position: Managing Partner - UK & Europe

I have amassed over 25 years’ consulting and programme management experience, focused predominately across the financial services sector and spending much of this time in investment banking, wealth management & corporate and retail banking.

The projects I have worked across have been very varied but always have technology, change and regulations at their core.

I started my career working for KPMG in their Regulatory practice specialising in regulatory change and risk management for the Banking and Insurance sector, it is here that I worked with a range of key stakeholders including CEOs, CFOs, Heads of Risk, Compliance and Audit and built a European wide network that have come to trust and value the solutions I provide.

Over the years, this network has expanded as I’ve taken on more challenging roles for MetLife, Unisys, Barclays and HBoS, which have included Head of Regional Operations (Nordics), Head of Finance Change and Managing Director Consulting. As the roles have expanded so has my knowledge base and market focus.

Some of my greatest successes have been across the Nordic regions, where I am based on a semi full times basis. CloudStream had an opportunity to build their business across this region and explore other substantial change projects for the international offices.

I have worked in collaboration on previous projects with several the senior CloudStream stakeholders and new the quality and level that was operated at and that this would translate into the Nordic region well.

Exciting times lay in front of us as we build a leading talent solutions business.

Traolach McCabe

Managing Partner - UK & Europe

I have amassed over 25 years’...

William Truzzi-Franconi

Position: Managing Partner - UK & Europe

I have over 18 years’ staffing and project management experience within the Financial Services sector, I started my career in investment banking for UBS where I supported the businesses resourcing requirements for front, middle and back office functions.

Over the years I’ve delivered similar projects for other investment banks, wealth management and asset management companies.

Having spent many years on the client side of the fence, I felt it was time to move into the consulting world, where I took on senior business development capabilities for a number of European wide consultancies. Most of my focus has been on the Nordic & Baltic regions which I find extremely interesting and now tend to spend most of my working week there.

With an unparalleled network across a global client base of C-suite and board level executives that covers investment banking, asset management and insurance industry, I’ve been fortunate to leverage these contacts to deliver leading change and regulatory projects.

Having not taken the plunge to move myself and the family fulltime into the region, I operate on a fly in fly out basis but feel that I have totally immersed myself in the culture and business routines that I find so interesting.

Having worked in collaboration with several other senior CloudStream stakeholders, I knew their approach and service levels would be greatly received and translate well into the Nordic region.

William Truzzi-Franconi

Managing Partner - UK & Europe

I have over 18 years’ staffing...

Chris Forbes

Position: Managing Partner - UK & Europe

I have always had a passion for knowing how things work and if I don’t know it I like to surround myself with experts to figure it out. In my early 20’s I found recruitment was a great way for me to work with senior stakeholders, I took the lessons of success and failure from the project managers and engineers I worked with and developed a consultative approach to client delivery and helping people progress their career.

This served me well and by 25 I was a director of my own search and selection business and working across London, NY and APAC and built many meaningful friendships through the world. 18 years on I still love the detail and describe myself as a technical recruiter with deep specialisation in financial markets and management consultancy. I’ve worked up to C Suite across the big investment banks, asset managers and large consultancies and helped build teams that have been rated number one in the world.

I am still hands on and get the same buzz from placing the right person in the right role, just as I did when I stated. I am a people person and always try to do a good and fair deal for both clients and candidates, my honest straightforward approach continues to serve me well. As a father with a young family I am passionate for sustainability, I support a few environmental charities because like business the choices we make need to be built on strong foundations.

Chris Forbes

Managing Partner - UK & Europe

I have always had a passion...

Denise Petrie

Position: Group HR Director

As Group HR Director for TechStream; my goal is to develop and implement an inclusive and diverse people strategy in line with the company’s global vision.

My human resources career started at Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, where I stayed for over 11 years as their HR Manager, during which time I completed my CIPD and supported several large scale internal projects including compensation & benefits and diversity strategies.

In 2008, I decided to make the switch from the banking world into that of talent acquisition, where I have been the HR director for Simply Executive and most recently handled the people integration into our new business CloudStream and now into the much larger group TechStream.

One of the areas that most excited me was their passion for building an inclusive workplace and the opportunity to play a critical part in designing our new service proposition to support and promote “the business of inclusion & diversity”.

This service will become a critical element for our clients and for our own business. Our goal is to develop a truly inclusive business and one that champions gender & ethnic diversity.

Over the past 12 months the GDPR programme has formed an integral part of my role – working with the global offices, new systems, clients and consultants to design and implement our GDPR roll out. In the modern era of data privacy and access its critical for TechStream to set the standards in their approach to GDPR.

All our offices now actively promote activities within the local communities, currently I’m an Enterprise Adviser Volunteer working alongside City Hall’s London Enterprise Team. I have been matched to a secondary school and work with the teachers to strengthen their career education strategy.

Denise Petrie

Group HR Director

As Group HR Director for TechStream;...

Cecilia Gatus

Position: Corporate Services Director

Engaging people, you work with and breaking down the conventional pyramid structure to achieve our goals. I believe it’s one of the best ways to empower innovation in our team members, clients, candidates and overall business.

In my position, I deal with various legal and tax issues and as our global business evolves, transparency and integrity IS key. It’s also important to understand and respect the different cultures and opinions that come with working in a global business

It’s rewarding to see my colleagues raising the status quo, providing the specialised, technical knowledge and communication skills necessary to align our client’s needs with our candidate’s needs.

Constant change in the regulatory environment which differs from state to state, country to country, and case by case. This requires me to continuously develop my skills and effectively collaborate with colleagues to determine the best way to deal with these requirements.

It’s refreshing to work for a company that is involved in a sector that is greatly impacting the world. We are at the forefront of this momentous change. I’ve been with the company from day one and the enthusiasm and collaborative effort to drive the business forward makes it all worthwhile. Also, I get to work with inspiring leaders who are committed, innovative, and productive.

I love travel, yoga and any activity that involves the ocean, whether it’s stand up paddle in the lagoon, swimming, or walking with my dog on the beach. Local community and charity work is also equally important to me – I get involved and give back whenever I can.

Cecilia Gatus

Corporate Services Director

Engaging people, you work with and...

Phil Bland

Position: Chief Financial Advisor

When I was approached to become TechStream Groups new CFA and assist my former CEO Paul Beeke with mergers and acquisitions, it was an opportunity and a challenge I couldn’t turn down.

Having worked with both Mike & Adam in our early careers, I knew the business would have some great leadership and direction at the board level but equally knew they would be building something that had some real speed and scale to it.

The growth strategy of TechStream would be a blended mix of organic and acquisitions, which meant a constant cycle of challenges and opportunities for me.

With over 25 years recruitment sector experience working with both private and public companies, I pride myself on being able to build and lead world class finance and acquisition teams who deliver to both internal and external customers whilst working with fellow board members to achieve the overriding business strategy.

My entire finance career has been focused on the talent industry, whether as the Finance Director for Harvey Nash plc or the CFA for TechStream I enjoy the daily challenges the industry brings.

As part of our growth strategy the business will look towards the market for acquisitions & integrations of other talent businesses, these will hold their own set of unique challenges. The next five years will be exciting to say the least.

Phil Bland

Chief Financial Advisor

When I was approached to become...

Maike Reiner

Position: Group Financial Controller

Born and raised in Germany, I graduated with a BEcon Hons (German MBA) degree and have enjoyed working in the field of Accounting and Financial Controlling & Management ever since.

I strive to always bring 100% effort to my work, my team and my clients and will always meet any challenge head on.

Having lived in many different countries and experienced many diverse cultures, I feel perfectly positioned to work in global business that deals international daily. Whether my clients are internal or external I strive to meet and surpass their expectations

With my hunger for knowledge and the constant drive of getting things accurate and organized, I am responsible for the internal controls over the company’s accounting and financial procedures. I work in collaboration with what I believe is a market leading team in the preparation of the financial reporting, audits, statutory accounts and filings for the group.

Failing audits or submitting late returns is not an option for my team!

When I am not checking numbers at my desk, I am usually doing outdoor activities and travel to foreign countries whenever I can. South Africa provides the perfect backdrop to pursue these outdoor activities.

Maike Reiner

Group Financial Controller

Born and raised in Germany, I...

Nicolene Naude

Position: Group Compliance Manager

When offered the opportunity to enter into the role of Group Compliance Manager, I accepted with open arms. With a background practicing law and working as In-house Counsel, working in a dynamic and vibrant environment alongside a diverse set of cosmopolitan individuals was a new and inviting challenge.

As Compliance Manger, my responsibility is to ensure not only that we as a business are compliant, but that we remain current and equipped to provide our clients and contractors with creative solutions in an ever-changing global recruitment landscape.

This offers me the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in areas such as tax law, data protection, labour regulations, corporate governance and the drafting and review of commercial contracts.

It is my firm belief that sound corporate governance and compliance are the foundation of any business, and my personal goal is to constantly assess risk and ensure that our policies, processes and procedures are in line with regulations and industry standards. Considering the extent of our global presence, this requires rapid adaptation to regional legislative requirements, whilst also ensuring exceptional customer service and support.

When I am not saving the world one contract at a time, I enjoy mountain biking, the outdoors and anything that ignites a fresh sense of adventure and fun.

Nicolene Naude

Group Compliance Manager

When offered the opportunity to enter...

Ricky Asher

Position: Group Marketing Manager

I have spent the past eight years in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets with great success in being a part of and leading the marketing teams on local and international brands.

Driving the marketing strategy for the global brands included Trek Bicycles and industry-leading multi-media brands Mining Review Africa, ESI Africa and Smart Energy International.

The opportunity to join the TechStream family and head up their marketing division was an opportunity I couldn’t decline and I am really excited to support the Group as a leader in the international talent solutions market.

I believe it’s important for a balance in life and outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and exercising.

The next year for TechStream Group is going to be exciting and I am looking forward to what is next from the global marketing division – stay tuned as we transform the global recruitment sector.

Ricky Asher

Group Marketing Manager

I have spent the past eight...

Caylee de Ricquebourg

Position: People and Culture Manager

Having the opportunity to join such an exciting new talent provider as TechStream and then design their global talent attraction program was a challenge I couldn’t pass up. Since I completed my HR Degree at University of Stellenbosch in 2012, I have been involved in the staffing sector.

I initially began as a technology recruiter servicing niche vertical such as application development and transformation. This experience gave me a strong technical acumen and great insight into the role and life of a technology recruiter. I am not sure had I not had this experience it would have been such an easy transition into an internal talent acquisition role.

The role at TechStream now means I am responsible for recruitment across all our international offices including London, New York, Singapore, Malaga and Cape Town. One of my most interesting projects has been to build our delivery center here in Cape Town. Every quarter I look for 10 talented individuals from the local market & universities, this talent must have the right credentials to become a long term member of the CloudStream family – drive, determination, goal driven and fun loving. Our goal is to build an amazing talent center.

One of the best things about TechStream is our sense of community, in a pressured environment driven by sales targets it is critical we never lose sight of having fun. Whether this be coming together for charity runs, playing for our football team or just having an office braai, community is a core belief in every office.

Caylee de Ricquebourg

People and Culture Manager

Having the opportunity to join such...

Jerome Slinger

Position: Group Systems Manager

“Brands were never built through bricks and mortar but in the hearts of satisfied customers”

With over twenty years’ experience, spanning all aspects of information technology, my role is to ensure that our Group Shared Services runs efficiently on a global scale.

My division covers development, support, infrastructure, security and group networking. Our goal is to offer world-class technology services that are robust and tailored to our customer’s need.

Jerome Slinger

Group Systems Manager

“Brands were never built through bricks...

Viktorija Balachovic

Viktorija Balachovic

Position: Client Service Relationship Manager

I have a very unique background, as prior to recruitment I spent over 10 years as a professional snowboarder and was being sponsored by some top logos. Eventually there is a decision to make continue on the snow boarder path or begin a longer-term career path. I choose the later and decided to move to the City of London where I can put my passion towards hard work and dedication.

After a couple of years travelling eastern Europe and meeting different personalities I have adapted my personality working within different marketplaces – but I can finally use all my experience, skills and qualities as a Client Service Relationship Manager in Technology to build the right opportunities for our existing and new clients at CloudStream.

I’m a passionate, optimistic & dedicated individual who takes up responsibilities with utmost enthusiasm. I am always ready to face challenges and get along with people very well. I believe in vision and action. I think there is no impossible thing if you surround yourself with a right positive team which I do already!

Being new to this role my personal goals strive to deliver client satisfaction – established vision and strategy of management plans. Ensured that the account plan aligned with client objectives and interests in order to exceed the client’s expectations. I have a great amount of perseverance to achieve my goals. My optimistic and planned approach to things I do is what driving me towards building a successful client management for our clients.

I have always been an achiever; be it professional life or sports or any other field in my life. I believe in success through hard work & dedication.

My motto in life is to ‘If you want something, work hard & you will achieve it; there are no shortcuts’.

Viktorija Balachovic

Client Service Relationship Manager

I have a very unique background,...

Lisset Gouws

Position: Brand and Community Manager

I joined the CloudStream family as a rookie in 2016, and I have not looked back since.

In essence, CloudStream gave me the opportunity to explore and develop in the field of Marketing, which is where my heart really lies.

I now focus on creating creative content in the form of formatting, branding and video editing, as well as managing our websites for each brand. As part of this process, I have attended several external courses to further develop my skills and capability to enhance our brand.

The role provides challenges on a daily basis and gives me the opportunity to work very closely with our senior management, this in itself is great fun as I see their thought process on the brand development & awareness.

The development I have seen in 2 years has been amazing and I relish the next 2 years and the challenges that will come as we develop our brands.

I have a passion for being creative, which has led me to love all things artistic, both visually and musically. I’m also intrigued by fashion and various design industries. I have a love for adventure, different cultures & people, learning new things and surrounding myself with creative people. In my spare time, I like to keep fit, and consider myself a bit of an “Adrenaline Junkie”.

I completed my Psychology Degree at the University of Potchefstroom in 2015, and looking to complete further studies in marketing and social media.

Lisset Gouws

Brand and Community Manager

I joined the CloudStream family as...

Veronica Ferreira

Position: Operations & Systems Manager - SA

I perform multiple roles within TechStream primarily as the South African Operations Manager and Global System Manager but also affectionately known as the company’s designate adventurer. I get my thrills from taking on extreme outdoor challenges and over the past few years I have conquered Everest Base Camps and scaled Kilimanjaro.

Having spent over 15 years in recruitment both in South Africa and UK, I totally understand the need and benefits of having a premium CRM system.

TechStream made the strategic decision to move all their operating systems into the cloud and run off a platform as their chosen talent CRM with some amazing analytics powering the information.

Every office, every consultant and every director are now totally linked creating a seamless and fluid organisation that communicates freely.

For sure structure and attention to detail are my strengths; I strive for perfection and therefore love helping organise the lives of other people. I find the ever-changing recruitment world to be challenging, rewarding and most of all – fun.

The new cloud-based system will be the backbone of our business and it’s my role to make sure everyone is fully trained and optimises its use. An effective database means quicker more accurate delivery and support of our customers.

Veronica Ferreira

Operations & Systems Manager - SA

I perform multiple roles within TechStream...

Mohammed Kalhoro

Position: Operations Manager - UK

I’m Mohammad or Moh – Operations Manager in the UK office, covering HR, Finance and Systems areas to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. My journey here has been an interesting one, after finishing university with a degree in Engineering Management, spending a year in The Forensic Science Service in London and following that up with a PGCE Primary. I spent 6 amazing years teaching children in various schools in Essex before entering the world of recruitment. I mean who wouldn’t?

In 2014, I teamed up with Mike, Kang and Denise and utilising skills learnt through teaching and previous experience in start-up environments, I have developed a multitude of operational skills that I have now transferred across to CloudStream.

Being part of a global roll out, taking on more responsibility as the UK Operations Manager for the global HQ and seeing supporting the speed of growth has been really exciting.

It has been an incredibly transition, being involved with implementation of O365, new salesforce platform, learning new financial packages and new HR functions, all of which on a global scale and high importance. The challenges and rewards are endless, and I am looking forward to the journey as we grow as a business.

Mohammed Kalhoro

Operations Manager - UK

I’m Mohammad or Moh – Operations...

Alissa Hamdan

Position: Operations Manager - Singapore

My current role as Operations Manager sees me at the center of all talent acquisition activity for our brands in Asia, from interviewing and recruiting potential candidates to coordinate projects, to dealing directly with some of the World’s leading companies and decision makers.

I connect the dots between departments and have mastered the art of juggling work priorities while keeping the more mundane tasks like the printer running, light-bulbs glowing, the pantry stocked, and the team paid.

Another part of my role is attracting great new talent into the business, including driving our internship programme and making sure every new team member has a great onboarding experience into the Group!

It is no secret that everything I do is important to keep the office operations running smoothly. I love tackling the variety and get excited in taking on responsibilities outside of my job scope.

There’s no better way to pick up the ability to make good judgments and quick decision making than by witnessing first-hand how business decisions are made. This position brings a whole new meaning to “learning on the job” in a growing, fast-paced sales environment.

Outside of work, I am a K-Drama Addict who falls in love with every lead actor and then the inevitable Second Lead Syndrome.

Alissa Hamdan

Operations Manager - Singapore

My current role as Operations Manager...

Nicci Abernethy

Position: Learning & Development Manager

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to become TechStreams Learning & Development Manager; the prospect of designing new training courses for graduates and advanced consultants whilst getting to deliver these on a domestic and international stage was just too much and fitted perfectly with the next step in my career path.

The years preceding CloudStream saw me complete my HR degree at the University of Cape Town in 2007, upon which I decided to follow a path that so many South Africans had trodden before me – take a year in London and experience the world. For me what was meant to be a year working holiday somehow extended to 8 years and the start of my career in recruitment.

My first 3 years in London was focused exclusively on recruiting across the financial services market for one of the UK’s largest agencies. This helped me to a build a strong recruitment foundation before I moved into my true passion & vocation – training.

I then spent the following 5 years building my training capability as a learning and development manager for an international recruiter. The pinnacle of which was developing an award-winning training program for trainee’s up to management level recruiters.

In 2015, I felt it was time to return to Cape Town; If I remember correctly I had left with a small suitcase and was now returning with a husband a young daughter and a much bigger suitcase!

TechStream created an environment that would really allow me to develop more advanced courses and work across our entire office network. What I liked as much as the role was the level of flexibility TechStream had that would allow me to balance my family and work. I try and spend as much quality time with my husband and daughter as possible whether that be having a braai or strolling down the beach. Here in Cape Town we are perfectly positioned for both.

Nicci Abernethy

Learning & Development Manager

I couldn’t resist the opportunity to...

Kyshe Kruger

Position: Contractor Care Manager

I joined the dynamic world of recruitment four years ago and have been fortunate enough to gain experience in various aspects of the industry such as Finance, Recruitment and Contract Management.

I was delighted to join the Business in April 2018 as a Contractor Care Administrator, and thoroughly enjoy working within the fast paced and energetic contracting environment. Supporting our global contractor base on a day to day basis has provided me with an international platform to expand my reach and has proved invaluable to my personal growth and work experience.

I have a passion for gaining knowledge and working with people and it is my personal goal to ensure that I provide above average service to our clients, contractors and colleagues on a daily basis.

Outside the office I enjoy adventure, playing hockey and am an avid Rugby and Formula 1 supporter.

Kyshe Kruger

Contractor Care Manager

I joined the dynamic world of...

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