The Group at a Glance

Geographical Mix

The TechStream Group is an international provider of talent solutions. Our business operates via 7 international offices, each with a unique regional focus.

In 2018 we successfully delivered solutions in 58 unique country locations, with 60% of our candidates being placed outside of the UK.

Our global presence and track record of international placements means a strong, balanced, geographically diversified business.

Stream Awareness

TechStream Group’s current portfolio consists of six unique Stream brands that are being developed on a global basis​, each unique Stream focuses on talent solutions within emerging technology & advanced engineering disciplines.

Our vision is to have every Stream operating in every office and as the chart highlights we are at various stages of development. With CloudStream our most developed brand accounting for 45% of Group, whilst AutoStream being our newest brand accounts for 6%.

Client Alignment

TechStream’s consolidated net fee generation is distributed reasonably evenly across the defined client segments; with a nearly 50:50 split between service providers and end user environments.

The Group sees a number of clients utilising solutions from more than one of our brands depending on their market focus or transformation programme.

Our goal is to service a truly diversified client portfolio.

Inclusion & Diversity

Diversity is a critical topic ranging from FTSE 100’s right down to new innovative tech start up’s. Never has the war for diverse talent been so critical or the topic so high on the board room agenda.

TechStream Group has moved beyond the standard practice of Diversity & Inclusion and have now formed a strategic partnership with The Centre for Inclusive Leadership, a recognised and accredited D&I consultancy practice.

A diverse and inclusive culture creates an environment synonymous with creativity, innovation and engagement.