About Us

The TechStream Group is an award-winning, multi-brand, talent investor & incubator. Each of our brands focuses on unique technology “streams” that are disrupting & transforming the world around us. Every brand is unique to the technology market they operate within, whilst being interconnected by our “Stream” sequence.

Our Values



We have a genuine commitment to achieve the highest standards of excellence & service ​



Our consultants provide specialist sector and vertical focused talent solutions



We deliver every service with an ethical, honest and transparent approach ​



Thinking creatively to design & deliver innovative solutions for the on-going improvement of your business

Our group at a glance

TechStream Group was founded in 2017 by a collection of serial human capital entrepreneurs with a vision to create a £150m Revenue business within five years, through a combination of organic growth, new venture incubation and private acquisition of specialist technology talent service companies. Now in 2020, TechStream Group has six brands: CloudStream, EarthStream, AutoStream, CyberStream, Xcede and Etonwood, grown to over 200 international employees, with over 650 engineering & technology consultants on client assignment, seven global offices and a global revenue of over £100m. Our ambitious organic growth plans and pursuit of further strategic acquisitions provide an inspiring Group to be part of. ​

Techstream Group

Our Vision and journey

We face a range of new technologies that combine the physical, digital and biological worlds. These new technologies will impact all disciplines, economies and industries, and even challenge our ideas about what it means to be human. Our vision is that technologies such as cyber-physical systems, digitalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) will transform almost all industry sectors over the next decade.

We use the term the “Technology of Everything” and believe that a high proportion of companies will transform into technology companies who are differentiated only by the unique products and services they provide. Join us on our journey towards digitisation, the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Our strategic roadmap is therefore to create niche talent solutions brands that are either industry sector specific or talent discipline specific. These brands, each with their microfocus, will help companies through the different aspects of the digital and automation journey we are all about to embark on.

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